From extreme poverty to deforestation, our
current global condition requires a renewed sense of humanity & community.

Whether we measure unsafe water sources
or communicable diseases, statistics regarding our way of life are sobering.

Here are some global examples.

4,714,536,340 World population increase

4,714,536,340 CO2 emissions this year (tons)

$ 6,416,071,364 Healthcare expenditures this year

20,005,993,584 non-renewable energy consumed this year (mwh)

115,314,000 Child laborers in hazardous conditions

[...] and shamefully, it goes on.

What if our beloved fashion brands could
join forces to help tackle these issues?
What if we gave them, every month, a new
humanitarian challenge to rise up to?

What if looking good meant doing good?

Welcome Onevio.
Our mission is simple -

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We’re bringing socially conscious fashion brands together
for the benefit of a new humanitarian cause every month.

From sunglasses to t-shirts, every item will tell a story of hope.

One Month. One Cause. Onevio.

We’re looking for amazing brands

we create charitable partnerships

We’re interested in keeping our marketplace as intimate as possible. We’re selective. That means you won’t find much competition here.